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Proposal Process

The Claire Lilienthal PTA receives requests from parents, teachers, staff, and administrators on potential changes that they would like to see made at the school throughout the school year. To make this process more efficient and to better document PTA activities, a New Initiative Proposal form must be completed and submitted to the PTA.

Guidelines and instructions when proposing a New Initiative to the PTA:

  • Complete the New Initiative Proposal form. Provide as much detail as possible and feel free to supplement the form with additional information.
  • Submitting the form can be:

Members of the PTA Board are happy to help you think through and discuss your proposal at any time. 

The PTA will listen to all proposed initiatives. 

Many initiatives do not require funding but rather a coordinated and focused volunteer effort. Potential actions will vary depending on what is required to make the initiative successful.

Initiatives proposed and led by a small group of at least 3-4 parents tend to be more successful than initiatives led by a single person.

The CL PTA’s primary mission is to promote children’s health, well-being, and educational success at CL through strong parent, family, and community involvement. While all proposals are worthwhile, the PTA will prioritize those requests that are in line with our goals and mission as outlined in the CL Balanced Score Card. The Balance Score Card is updated annually by the CL School Site Council.

Or, submit your proposal below:

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Date this item/project is needed
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What specific individual or group of individuals will drive this project and see it through to completion and provide status updates at PTA meetings on the progress of the initiative?