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General Education

Lilienthal’s General Education track ranks among the most highly regarded public school programs in both San Francisco and the state. Emphasizing collaboration and cooperation amongst students, parents, teachers, and administrators, the school seeks to provide an inclusive academic and social environment for students from every corner of our diverse city.

Korean Immersion Program (KIP)

Lilienthal hosts Northern California’s only public school Korean language immersion program. Welcoming both native Korean speaking students as well as English speakers, the Korean Immersion Program seeks to achieve full bilingualism and biliteracy in Korean and English. KIP teachers, all bilingual, provide KIP students with the same academic content instruction as that provided General Education students, but do so in both languages consistent with the proven dual-path language immersion model.

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Green Schoolyard (Outdoor Classroom)

Lilienthal employs two full-time instructors to provide students with lessons on outdoor science and horticulture. Utilizing the school’s own gardens and outdoor spaces, students connect with nature and gain insights into sustainable practices. Among many other things, students plant, care for, harvest, prepare, and eat many interesting and delicious vegetables.

Outdoor Education

All Lilienthal students have the opportunity to participate in Outdoor Education, a program unique to Lilienthal that provides students with outdoor learning opportunities, both on campus for younger students, and at remote sites during over-night and extended-duration field trips for older students. Students may visit Slide Ranch, the Marin Headlands, Walker Creek Ranch, Camp Jones Gulch, Yosemite, and Santa Catalina Island, among other places.

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Arts and Music

Integration of art and music into the daily curriculum is an important goal at Lilienthal. With support from the San Francisco Arts Education, Lilienthal students at all grade levels experience a variety of artistic experiences throughout the school year. Professional artists join our classroom teachers to provide instruction in a variety of artistic expressions such as dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. In addition, beginning in fourth grade, instrumental music instruction for violin, flute, clarinet, or trumpet is available for interested students. Each grade level enjoys a different focus on visual, musical, and performing arts.

K-8 Physical Education and Sports

Elementary School (K-5)

All elementary school students participate in physical education activities several times per week. In addition, many students participate in parent-organized and coached sports teams, usually organized by grade level.

Middle School (6-8)

In addition to physical education activities conducted during the school day, many middle school students compete as members of one or more of Lilienthal’s sports teams, which include baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, and soccer.

principal Zacharakis on the play Yard

principal Zacharakis on the play Yard

After School Programs

Grades K – 2

The Claire Lilienthal After School Program (CLASP) is a non-profit program open to students in kindergarten through second grade. There is a fee for the program. CLASP operates at the Madison Campus; participating children go directly to CLASP at the end of the school day. The program offers recreation, homework help, crafts, and story and quiet time. CLASP operates from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Grades 3 – 8

The Claire Lilienthal Learning Academy (CLLA) is an after school program for students in grades 3 through 8. There is a nominal fee for this program. CLLA operates at the Scott Campus under the auspices of the Presidio YMCA. The program offers a homework period, along with a variety of enrichment activities, such as Lego club, biking club, cooking club, and various sports. CLLA operates from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. To reach CLLA directly once your child is already enrolled, call (415) 749-1869.

Other After School Activities

In addition to CLASP and CLLA, other after school activities are available for interested students at both campuses. Generally requiring a nominal fee, these activities include Tae Kwon Do, academic chess, various Engineering for Kids courses, writing workshops, etc.


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