Donate party favors and participate in our Mayfair Carnival Prize Drive! 

In an effort to reduce costs, and maybe even to reduce the carbon footprint of Mayfair, we are collecting trinkets and party favor items as prizes.

What are we looking for? Only small, typical party favor items that are in mint condition, e.g. little containers of bubbles that have never been open, decorative pens and pencils that have not been used, super balls, little yo-yos, bracelets, rings, little animal figurines, stickers, tatoos, you name it. As long as it is not used, broken, or potentially dangerous. Basically, if you would not want your child to be given the item, please don’t donate it.

Where to Donate? In school office is a box labeled “Mayfair Carnival Prize Drive.” Please put your donations in the bucket. And you’re done—we’ll handle the rest.

Questions? Email us at Thank you.


Donate your time

Just two hours of your time would help make this event a success!

Sign up here online or email us at: and tell us how you can help.


Donate Books

Please consider donating gently used books to the Mayfair Lilienthal Lounge Book Exchange!

All donations of books can be dropped off at the Scott Library and are greatly appreciated.

Sponsor a booth

Generous families or companies may underwrite some of the big attractions at the fair. 

If interested in sponsorships, please contact us at

Bake a cake!

Donate a cake, pie, cookies, brownies, baked goods, for the Cake Walk or Bake Sale.  

Sign up here online or email us at