Korean Immersion Program (KIP)

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Why Consider Language Immersion?

Korean/English Two-Way Immersion is an educational program for grades K-8 designed to help students develop the ability to speak, read and write in two languages.

Language learning is integrated into every part of the curriculum - math, science and art as well as reading and writing. Children become fluent and literate in both languages in a dynamic learning environment while developing skills for participating in a culturally and linguistically diverse world.

For children who speak Korean at home, maintaining the Korean language provides a good academic foundation.  They learn subjects such as science, math and social studies in their home language while they are developing language skills in English.

For children who speak English at home, immersion education is a chance to learn a second language at an early age while also learning about another culture.

Students give up nothing for the added benefit of language and cultural literacy; they are studying the core curriculum required by the State of California. KIP is also totally integrated into the Claire Lilienthal environment. We participate in all aspects of the school, including the PTA, School Site Council and field trips.

How Does the Program Work?

At Claire Lilienthal, we have one KIP classroom each for grades K-3 and a combined 4th/5th grade class.  When Children enter KIP, most of the instruction is in Korean.  Each year, the percentage of instruction in English increases.  While in Middle School, our Korean Immersion students take two Korean classes.  Currently Korean is offered through an enrichment period and through Math. 

For more information about KIP:

School tours are offered each fall for families with children starting kindergarten the following September. School tours will be posted on this site as soon as they are available.  You can also read through our Frequently Asked Questions for more information!


Please click on the link below to download the school's Korean Immersion Handbook, in pdf. format. In order to open and read either file, please use Adobe's Reader or Apple's Preview applications.

Korean Immersion Handbook (2015 edition)