A Count-Me-In (CMI) is an event / party / experience hosted & paid for by a CL family/families that have a set price & set number of 'spots', so they can sell out!

CMI’s can be as creative as you like. Here is a glimpse of past Count-Me-In events for a little inspiration:

Adults Only (ooh, already sounds like fun!) - Ladies Little Black Dress Cocktail Party, Mom’s Night Out at Creative IQ, Poker Night, Adults Karaoke Night, Moms on a Mission - A Cocktail Party, Trivia Night Pub Quiz, Slosh Ball, Cocktails and Wine Tasting Party, Tacos and Tequila/Back to School Fiesta, Back to School Cocktail Party, Floral Design Class and Lunch, Sips in the City for Moms, Beer Tasting for Dads, Benefit Beauty Bash, Burning Man Information Night, Ping Pong Tournament

Kids - Creative Canopy Craft Party, House of Air, Gingerbread House Making and Holiday Crafts, Movie and Pizza Party, Tree Frog Adventures Hike at the Presidio, Little Tree House Art Party, Planet Granite Rock Climbing, Live Animals Interaction, Pizza Making Camp, Hip Hop Jazz

Families - Family Movie Extravaganza at Balboa Theatre, Advanced Wellness Workout, Bowling, Campground Hosting, Hike and Picnic

Many people team up to host a CMI which makes them affordable to host. A CMI should also be affordable to buy. We recommend $25 - $150 per person.

To donate a Count-Me-In, simply fill out the form online or download the form and turn it in! Thank you for donating! 

For CMI inquiries, please contact Kimi Ueda at kimiueda@yahoo.com

Every dollar is meaningful and shows your support of Claire Lilienthal and the education of our children. This is a tax deductible donation. CLPTA (Tax ID 0094-2954256) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.