About our School


Claire Lilienthal K-8 Alternative School inspires each student to achieve their maximum potential in an academically, culturally, and socially inclusive environment.


We aspire to provide all students access to a wide range of integrated learning opportunities so that they meaningfully experience, understand, and engage in the world around them as responsible citizens.

School description

Claire Lilienthal K-8 Alternative School is a two-track school offering both a General Education (English only) track and a Korean immersion track to students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is located on two campuses:


Madison Campus

Lilienthal’s youngest students, from kindergarten through 2nd grade, attend class at the school’s Madison campus. Located in a quiet neighborhood in the Inner Richmond district, the Madison campus comprises the former James Madison Elementary School’s renovated facility along with a modern addition around an open courtyard.



Scott Campus

Starting in 3rd grade, Lilienthal students attend classes at the school’s Scott campus, located a short distance from the Madison campus in the city’s Marina District. Occupying the former Winfield Scott Elementary School facility, Lilienthal’s Scott campus has additional facilities to accommodate the middle school academic and athletic programs.

A California Distinguished School

In 2014, Claire Lilienthal was recognized as a California Distinguished School by the State Board of Education.

A California Distinguished School is an award given by the California State Board of Education to public schools within the state that best represent exemplary and quality educational programs. Approximately five percent of California schools are awarded this honor each year following a rigorous selection process. 

Read an article about it from the SF Examiner

Day-to-day at Claire Lilienthal

Madison Campus (K-2) 3950 Sacramento St. (415) 750-8603

  • Admin. Assistant: Kathleen Shustar 
  • Classes starts at 7:45 AM
  • Curbside drop-off and pick-up is on Clay Street. Parent volunteers help younger children in and out of cars. Drop-off starts at 7:30 AM.  Pick-up begins at 1:45 PM.
  • Bus drop-off and pick-up is on Sacramento Street. Adults help children on and off of the bus. Drop-off starts at 7:25 AM.  Pick-up begins at 1:50 PM. For additional bus information from SFUSD, see SFUSD Transportation - Lilienthal
  • Aftercare. On-campus aftercare is available at The Claire Lilienthal After School Program (CLASP). CLASP is a nonprofit organization licensed by the State Department of Social Services. CLASP is open every day after school from 1:45 PM to 6:00 PM. There is a an initial registration fee and an ongoing monthly fee. For further information concerning fees and CLASP programs contact CLASP at (415) 750-1577.

Scott Campus (3-8), 3630 Divisadero St. (415) 749-3516

  • Admin. Assistant: Candace (Candy) Selig
  • 6th – 8th Grade Classes start at 7:40 AM.
  • 3rd – 5th Grade Classes start at 7:45 AM.
  • Curbside drop-off and pick-up is on Divisadero Street. Drop-off starts at 7:30 AM. Pick-up begins at 1:45 PM.
  • Bus drop-off and pick-up is on North Point Street. Adults will help children on and off of the bus.  Drop-off starts at 7:25 AM.  Pick-up begins at 1:50 PM. For additional bus information from SFUSD, see SFUSD Transportation - Lilienthal.
  • Aftercare. On-campus aftercare is available at The Claire Lilienthal Learning Academy (CLLA). CLLA is provided with our community based partners at the Presidio YMCA. CLLA offers Lilienthal 3rd -8th grade students an extracurricular after-school program. CLLA is open every day after school from 1:45 PM - 6:00 PM. CLLA Emergency and Pick Up forms are available in the CLLA office and must be filled out prior to attending. General questions may be left for CLLA at the school office number of (415) 749-3516 prior to 3:00 PM daily. To reach CLLA directly once your child is already enrolled, call (415) 749-1869.

A Parent Partnership school

Claire Lilienthal is a “Parent Partnership” school, which means that all parents/guardians are expected to actively participate with the teachers, staff and the administration, in their child’s educational experience.  There are several different kinds of groups that support the educational mission at CL.

  • School Site Council (SSC): The SSC is a state-mandated, elected, consensus-based entity, which includes parents, teachers, and administration. It is the primary way the school community can participate in the review, development, and implementation of the school’s curriculum, as well as other important issues affecting the school.
  • Korean Immersion Program (KIP):  CL has a Korean/English Immersion Program for grades K-8. KIP students generally participate in all curricular and extracurricular activities offered at Lilienthal. KIP is administered by our Principal. 
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA): The CL PTA is a child-advocacy body that meets monthly to develop fundraising and volunteer programs to support school academics, improve coordination between home and classroom, build a strong, supportive school community, and coordinate with SFUSD and statewide PTA activities. PTA membership is open to all parents/guardians, school administrative staff and faculty.  Members vote on most PTA issues and PTA elections. The CL PTA Executive Board consists of individuals elected by the members of the PTA body (elections are held at the end of the school year).

Stay connected

1. CLPTA Newsletter

The PTA publishes an email newsletter on Monday mornings. This newsletter is sent through SchoolPages and contains useful school-wide relevant information on upcoming school activities, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities. Grade-specific information (e.g., field trips; class parties) is disseminated via Room Parents. The newsletter can also be found at the bottom of this page on SchoolPages.

2. Wednesday Bulletin

The school publishes a Wednesday Bulletin that at your option, is either sent home with your child or emailed to you directly. It contains information on school events, a principal's update, and the weekly CLPTA newsletter. If you are not getting emails, please call the school to update your email address.

3. School Calendar

This is the master calendar for all school events, and can be found both here and on SchoolPages.

4. Public Website (this site)

This site is a resource for CL families, staff, parents of prospective students and the community for public-facing information about the school. Email clpta.message@gmail.com with requests for Web content or updates.

5. SchoolPages Website

SchoolPages is a secure, password-protected internal website that allows our entire school community to easily communicate and organize school-wide events in a safe environment. It contains the school directory, information on upcoming events, school pictures, classroom pages, committees’ information and archives of our weekly CLPTA newsletter.

How you can help

As a Parent Participation school, our success is dependent on you!  There are a lot of ways to help:



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